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    Subaraji: Yasuda Shota Nice Guy Myths (2014.05.03)
    aka the segment where Subaru and the listeners reflect on how eminent Yasu is, and, without Yasu’s actual permission, imagine the sorts of things he’d get up to because he’s so kind. (description from wiki)


    • In recent Yasu news, he’s been very tired. This segment is usually about everyone else feeling happier because of Yasu’s super kind healing powers, but Subaru wants Yasu to feel healed today. 
    • MYTH 1: ‘Yasu would harmonise with you when you went to karaoke together’.
    • Subaru: ‘Yep, this is true. This is so true I’m starting to think [the listener]’s actually done karaoke with Yasu.’
    • Apparently Yasu harmonises when the members start singing in their dressing room, and also during the karaoke of Shiwake – Subaru sits next to him on that show and he can hear Yasu quietly harmonising with whoever’s singing. 
    • MYTH 2: ‘Yasu walks around with lots of different things in his bag in case anyone wants to use them’.
    • Subaru: ‘What, like other people’s pyjamas!?’ (lol subaru) ‘He actually doesn’t do this…maybe it seems like he would, but he doesn’t.’
    • Yasu has lots of nice-smelling sprays which he sprays on himself all the time. 
    • MYTH 3: ‘Whenever Yasu drinks dairy products, his intestines get active and he immediately needs to go to the loo.’
    • Subaru: ‘Hmm, how are his intestines? …I’ve never thought about his intestines. I’ve known him for a long time though, and he’s the type where it happens suddenly. I tend to sit around with coffee after breakfast and then go ‘maybe I’ll go to the loo’, but every time Yasu goes ‘my stomach hurts! I’m going to the loo!’ and I think, oh, he’s the type where it all happens quickly. I know that much. Why am I talking about Yasu’s intestines!?’
    • Sometimes Yasu does massive farts, and everyone thinks it’s Subaru. Yasu himself always smiles and looks satisfied. 
    • MYTH 4: ‘Yasu will eventually have a discussion/interview with the Buddhist nun Jakucho Setouchi.’
    • Subaru mentions how Yasu already works with Miwa Akihiro, so it’s pretty close. He can imagine the two having a serious conversation. 
    • Subaru mentions how tired Yasu is again. 
    • Subaru: ‘If you see Yasu around, give him a pat on the back. He’s really tired, honestly. And he’s ageing a bit. I really need him to stay healthy.’ (AWW.)

    Hopefully I’ll do the other episodes soon too!

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